Sunday, November 8, 2009

Achievement Tips: Hunting The Rex and the Spider

Do you think its hard to kill the rex/spider? Do you want to know how to kill them easily? Then buy our new Book:

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Nah, not really. But here's some tips and a trick to kill the creatures under 12 spears:

Step 1: Summon the Rex/Spider with only 1 Pygmy in the island.
Step 2: Give the spear to the Pygmy when the creature is greeting(bark/roar) the Pygmies.
Step 3: When the creature is charging at the Pygmy, immediately drag the Pygmy away from the creature to another place where you can throw another shot.
Step 3.5: When a Pygmy is being eaten by a creature, quickly add another Pygmy and immediately hand the spear to the Pygmy. It takes a split second(Rex) and a second(Spider) before the Eaten Pygmy is gone...
Step 4: Repeat until the creature dies.

•Both creatures gain their health back when they eat a pygmy OR when youre doing nothing to em.
•When you throw the spear to the creature, keep hitting it AS FAST AS POSSIBLE with no bites or misses.
•Where you position the Pygmy is important. A Pygmy shouldnt be too far(will miss) or too close(be eaten or miss) to the creature.
•Dont use all of the 6 Pygmies. Only keep 1-2 Pygmies.
•Never drop the spear into the sea.
•Always aim for the head or the spear will pass through the creature.

There yah go! It took 3 days to fight, test, experiment and win to do this post. Hope that this will help you guys out! Please leave a comment if this Guide helped you or not... :P

PS: I have no idea when will swigo post the next part of Prison Break.
PPS: the picture on the top is just off from the internet and doesnt mean anything at all...

This is malcomjudd, reporting...



  1. also you can hold a spear while holding a pygmy, so you can have a spear right above where the pygmy will be dropped, you can also kill the pygmy in anyway so you can do a quick flick too

  2. hey malcomjudd, how many spear hits did it take you to kill the spider and t-rex?

  3. it took me 6 shots to kill the spider and 10 for the rex. i forgot to say that the spider is easier to kill than the rex...

  4. yeah it took me 6 shots for the spider too, i think 8 for the t rex