Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Malcom's (not so) Dual Reviews!

Hey guys,

Wow! It has been a long time since I last posted here, I was just too busy with school, beta testing, and internet problems that interfered with my regular posting. I'm sorry about that, and Allan's sister too.

So, the SOTI (State Of The Island) came out, and then update the update right after! I hope Apple's approval times are always like this for Pocket God updates! Great Job, Ice Hole is an update that includes Temperature Change, a Squid, a SwordFish, and my favorite, the ice geyser (easter egg). If you pinch the sun, it can change the temperature and it can freeze or burn the pygmies, depending on how big/small you make it. The burning pygmies (from the hot sun) burn a hole on the ice island. In this ice hole you can find the squid, the swordfish, and the ice geyser.

The icon for this update is alright with me, could've been better though, same goes for the Now Showing screen for GJIH (Great Job Ice Hole).

This update is probably the most gruesome update yet! I mean, pullin' heads off pygmies, pygmies impaled by the ice geyser, and sword swallowing! That's kinda harsh to small kids who play (and love) Pocket God. So we didn't get like an ice age or global warming in this update like everyone suggested but we did get the squid with a kinda cool microgame. I just think that the eating animation of the squid is too fast and I can't really see it that good. Ah, the ice geyser. I always liked hunting for easter eggs... don't worry guys, I'm not gonna spill the beans on how to make the ice geyser, but here is a hint: if you put something really heavy in the ice hole, you'll get something that is "pwnsome". Another thing that I don't like about this update is the swordfish. Whats wrong with the swordfish... It can't be cooked (future update?).

Oh, I almost forgot about the DLCs. They are AWESOME! This is my favorite and probably the best DLC that Davlan (Dave + Allan) have ever made. This DLC contains a dance cutomization pack with dances like single ladies, fan dance, stayin' alive, the robot, and my favorite, pants on the ground, with complete audio sung by Dave (I never knew he was the one that sung that until he said it in his SOTI). For those who are wondering what is this Pants on the Ground dance, it was a song Larry Platt (a 62 year old dude) sang in the American Idol Auditions that became a hit (which simon guessed correctly). Here's a video of his audition:

I would give this update a B+ and an A++ for the awesome DLC pack. I wonder what the next update might contain, comment below with your ideas.

This is malcomjudd, reporting...



  1. I personally think it will be Aliens, but who knows? Did u here the news about iPad? Hopefully Davlan make Pocket God compatible for it!!!!!

  2. Do you need a dlc pack for the Easter egg?

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  4. Pocket Guy: All apps are compatible for the iPad.

  5. i think its a really fun update but i think this animation is kinda weird like the squid i mean its cool and i could see it working but the swordfish. No offense but i could deal without swordfish i just think it doesnt give much purpose.

    Anyway, for the next update hmmm. Well it did say they're ending the ice trilogy... i dont know but maybe the next isand is the final one? and lastepisode could end with aliens and maybe a cool easter egg where you have all tghse meteors falling killing every pygmy idk.

  6. Excuse me Anonomus. Steve Jobs said most of the iPhone apps are compatible, not all. Thank you.