Monday, January 18, 2010

3 Poll Results

Hey guys, sorry about the long delay on a lot of these poll results. Also, there are a few polls that I have the results for, that I haven't posted yet, because they deserve their own posts, and will determine the future of the blog. So I will get around to posting them soon :).

Anyway, without further ado, here are the results for 3 polls:

*UPDATED* What is your least favorite feature on the blog?
(In order from least favorite to favorite)

1st Place (Least Favorite): Pygmy Adventure Series 37%
2nd Place: Ideas 10%
3rd Place: Games 10%
4th Place: Achievement Tips 8%
5th Place: Dual Reviews 7%
6th Place: Glitches 5%
7th Place: News Updates 4%
8th Place: Contests 4%
9th Place: Beta Tester Stuff 4%
10th Place: Polls 2%
11th Place: Cool Pictures 2%
12th Place: Fan Art 1%
13th Place (Favorite): Pocket God World 1%

I am taking these results into consideration, and I will be posting fan art more frequently (I have already started that), also, there will be another poll about the Pygmy Adventure Series, to see if Malcom and I should continue it or not.

*UPDATED* What is your favorite feature on the blog?
(In order from most favorite to least)

1st Place: News Updates 22%
2nd Place: Glitches 21%
3rd Place: Cool Pictures 15%
4th Place: Beta Tester Stuff 8%
5th Place: Pygmy Adventure Series 8%
6th Place: Games 6%
7th Place: Pocket God World 4%
8th Place: Ideas 4%
9th Place: Contests 3%
10th Place: Achievement Tips 3%
11th Place: Polls 1%
12th Place: Dual Reviews 1%
13th Place: Fan Art 1%

The results don't completely match up with the poll before it, but same concept.

What are your top 5 favorite ways to torture your pygmies?

1st Place: Ghosts 53%
2nd Place: Zombies 44%
3rd Place: Killing with Shark 36%
4th Place: "You know you like Pocket God" 35%
5th Place: Ooga Jump/Flatten 32%
6th Place: Must go to the Bathroom... 30%
7th Place: Spider 28%
8th Place: T-rex 27%
9th Place: Burnt Food... 24%
10th Place: Cooking Them (bonfire) 24%
11th Place: Burning with Magnifying Glass 21%
12th Place: Hurricane/Lightning 20%
13th Place: Dodo-Bird 20%
14th Place: Piranhas 18%
15th Place: Flicking in the Volcano 18%
16th Place: Gravity Deaths 18%
17th Place: Spearing 16%
18th Place: Fishing Accident 14%
19th Place: Crushing with Boulder 11%
20th (Last) Place: Drowning 11%

Personally my favorite ways to kill my pygmies now are on the Ice Island... and some new features in the new update ;)... Stay Tuned!

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