Friday, January 8, 2010

Pygmy Search Results

Hey guys, after weeks of looking for more glitches, trying to find more cool pictures, looking for news on the new update, beta-testing, and trying to manage the blog during this period of long-wait, I have FINALLY gotten around to revealing the winner and the answers to the "Pygmy Search" game!

Congratulations to Brendan for finding ALL of the pygmies faster than anyone else!

In total, there were 16 pygmies to find, and some were pretty tricky, because a bunch of you who sent in guesses, thought there were only 14, or 15.

Here is the Pocket God World with 16 hidden pygmies:
(Click to enlarge)

Here are the answers:

1. Looks like Mister Chill has bitten off more than he could chew
2. Some little pygmy has found warmth in the igloo
3. One pygmy wants to keep Pocket God sign #1 close to his heart
4. The underwater statue is looking pretty hungry
5. I never knew a pygmy could fit in one of those meteor holes
6. One adventurous pygmy is going shark-riding
7. I guess this guy gets flicked to the volcano everywhere he goes
8. Does that T-rex have a beard?
9. If I were a pygmy, I wouldn't want to get stuck between those two bickering piranhas
10. I hope that fire isn't too hot
11. Hmmm, I never knew pygmies could tame birds
12. Looks like pygmy twelve likes Pocket God sign #3
13. Now that's one sticky pygmy
14. Pygmy fourteen can't get enough of Ooga Jump
15. Looks like pygmy fifteen loves to hang out in the corners
16. Pygmy sixteen loves Bait Master, or maybe it's just the anchor...

Once again, congratulations to Brendan!

The "Find The Differences" results will be posted later this weekend, along with many Poll Results coming later this month, and a ton of fan art, and new features!
Hopefully we'll have a News Update shortly, Dave is really busy!


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