Friday, January 8, 2010

What If...

Hey guys, I know it's hard to admit, but have you ever wondered about the end of Pocket God.1.? What it would be like? How it would end? What would happen? What the game would be like?

Well, personally, I have, and over at the TA Forums, we had a big discussion about it, and I gave my input on how Pocket God.1. would end. Here is my idea:

Personally, I hate thinking about the end of Pocket God.1., but if/when it does "end" (a very loose term), I would like to see this...

The pygmies find a lever on its own island once you flick them in the volcano 9 times in a row. There is a tiny piece of land, just like a clump of sand in the middle of the ocean, with a silver lever on it, with a red "handle". If you drag the pygmy to the lever it tries to pull it, but is unsuccessful. The only way the pygmy is ever able to pull this lever is if you reach Demi-God (subject to change) in every Achievement in Pocket God.1.

If by chance you do happen to reach Demi-God (per-say) in every achievement, then you have to flick the pygmy 9 consecutive times in the volcano (shouldn't be hard for a pro), and then the pygmy goes on the island, and pulls the lever, and then the screen pans out and you see the volcano erupt violently, and shake the screen, then lava rains down on Octopus Island, only, and then finally after all the pygmies on the island jump in the water and drown, and the statue crumbles, the top if the screen fills up with lava (like James Bond), and then the screen cuts to a drawing (by Allan) of a pygmy pulling the lever (the pygmy has the same face basically as the icon of "New Home", when he found the egg). Then the screen slowly goes black, and says, "Stay tuned for Pocket God.2. (insert name of the new Pocket God)". Then an option comes up after a determined time, and reads, "Click to keep on playing, or link to Pocket God.2. in the iTunes store."

That's my idea anyway ...

Comment below or e-mail me at with your idea, and I'll post it here!
Try to attach a picture (drawing, painting, computer art, sculpture, animation...etc...) of your idea as well, and I'll post it here :)



  1. wow i forgot wat the blog looked like and i realize how much i like it

    -pocket lover

  2. the old blog looks back! :D man pocket lovers right feels so different after having that awesome holiday one :P not a bad different just a weird different

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  4. This post is 166, to be exact Dragonvarsity ;)

  5. wow so many posts i remember 100 like it was just yesterday

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