Monday, January 25, 2010

Technical Difficulties

***The problem has been solved, thanks for anyone who volunteered to help, but I managed to fix the problem, while also bringing our blog more into the future for formatting and design, and controlling better posting, by updating our blog. The blog will look a lot more "colorful" now!***

We are experiencing major technical difficulties on the blog.

Our posts formatting as we write the posts are very disoriented, and posting photos is becoming increasingly hard, for we cannot see the photos when we draft posts.

Malcom will try and fix this early tomorrow, so hopefully we can resume posting at a continuos pace, and talk about the new update, show photos, dual reviews, spoilers, cool pictures, glitches, the pocket god world (looks awesome), and all that very, soon.

For now, there is an awesome spoiler game located underneath this post!

If anyone reading this has any experience with serious blogging, computer background, has taken computer classes at a moderate level, or knows anything regarding formatting and settings adjustment, please e-mail us at one of these (preferably both) e-mail addresses:

Thanks, and hopefully the blog will be up and running later today, or tomorrow.

Please contact us, and be patient!



  1. Can you please did wat u did 4 ice update wjen u would post a spoiler jumbled up so we can unjumble it? That was fun :)

  2. @ape academy2:
    Glad to know you liked it :), I will be doing that for the next update.

    I decided not to do it for this update because the approval process is going to be very short for the update to be approved, and also the Pocket God Forums made a game.

    I promise I'll do it for the next one ;)

  3. good thinking!
    ive been visiting the touch arcade, they siad apple's approval time now is 5 days?
    if so how long now.

  4. The icon in the app store changed wow

    Pocket lover