Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Really Quick News Update

Hey guys, swigo8 here with a very quick news update, and a couple spoilers and hints.

First, we betas have started receiving builds, and we are already testing build number 2 (of around 5).

The update will most likely be submitted by Thursday or the end of the week.

Second, beta tester hdgreen posted some "spoilery" news about the upcoming update. (Note: he says the update is called Nice Job Ice Hole, but he made a typo, it is actually called Great Job Ice Hole.)

Third, here is a little rhyme I made about what things you can find in the new update (not to revealing, but enough to keep you guys guessing, and occupied). Take a look:

This update has a whole lot of new features, and maybe, even a few new creatures.

I will keep posting upcoming news,

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