Monday, January 25, 2010

Spoiler Game!

Hey guys, the crew over at the Pocket God Forums have supplied us with an awesome Spoiler Game showing us 5 very revealing spoilers if you manage to find them all that is ;)

Remember to read all the directions very carefully, and become a member. The only way to view all the areas in the forum that have spoilers is by becoming a member!

Remember you have to become a member to view everything, it is FREE, EASY, and FAST!

Good luck, and stay tuned for Great Job Ice Hole, it will be out very soon (apparently Apple's approving time is within 5 days)!

Get searching!

P.S. Malcom's Dual Review for the SOTI (State Of The Island), will be out shortly, along with the actual SOTI, more cool pictures, and the icon.


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