Friday, January 8, 2010

Find The Differences Results

Hey guys, I know it's been a while from when I posted the "Find The Differences" game, but I have the results of who won, and I'll give you all the answers so you can check to see if you got them right!

Congratulations to PocketGuy11 for finding all 16 differences BEFORE anyone else :) Great job PocketGuy11!

Here is the Pocket God World without any changes:
(Click to enlarge)

Here is the Pocket God world with all 16 changes:
(Click to enlarge)

Here are the answers:

1. Looks like Mister Chill has a new flying friend over at Ice Island
2. The Doodler seems a little "sketchy" in my opinion
3. Mister Chill loves the holidays
4. Hmmm, is that and Ice-Hole I see...
5. Down under Ice Island it seems like there's an extra school of fish
6. Weren't those Pocket God signs white?
7. It seems like the underwater statue has attracted some coral
8. Those pesty ants... we need an exterminator
9. What if a pygmy wanted a coconut...
10. This poor pygmy gets skewered every time
11. The T-rex has got a cavity
12. Dino Island has a new "fishy" pal
13. Say howdy to my new friend on Pocket God sign #3
14. I thought I made the Pocket God World... not Maclom?
15. Looks like another piranha has gotten loose
16. Hmmm, wasn't there a glacier somewhere in the background?

Once again congratulations to PocketGuy11, great work!

Comment below, and tell me if you liked this game or not, and if I should do another one!


  1. too bad pocket god news is slow :( cnt wait for the pocket gods 30th episode extravaganza

  2. Or just 30th episode..