Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Poll Result + New Feature!

(This awesome comic was made by Zack of the Pocket God Forums, and is part of their brand-new feature "Daily Comics". I will feature some of these comics on the blog, but check out the Pocket God Forums for all of them.)
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Hey guys, to celebrate our 65th thousandth view, I have decided to reveal the results to a poll and add a brand-new, regular feature to the blog! I am very excited to add this new feature, and I think it will be a favorite immediately! So without further ado, and to stop all this suspense here is the result to a poll and the announcement of our very new feature here at The Pygmy Den:

  • What new feature would you like Malcom and I to post on the blog regularly?

Our interpretation of the new icon... --> 48%
Pocket God-junkie of the week --> 23%
Videos --> 9%
Old update pictures compared to new --> 7%
3 polls! --> 6%
Pictures of fans --> 4%

Now if you are wondering which is our new feature, I will tell you shortly, and explain how I came to my decision. 

First off, for the 4% of you who voted on pictures of the fans, I think thats a great idea, but not great enough to have its own post. However, if you want your picture posted on the blog, e-mail your picture to and I will post it like fan art. :)

Second, I tried putting 3 polls on the side of the blog a few months ago, but it didn't seem to work that well, and crowded the side of the blog too much. Also, that's not really a new feature... just an extension ;)

Third, videos. Videos are awesome, but I didn't think it could be its own post, since the Pocket Blog posts videos regularly. However, Malcom and I will start posting videos in some posts, and you guys can provide links to us in the comments section linking to your youtube videos, or any other videos you have, and we'll post them here.

Fourth... Old update pictures compared to new. Awesome idea, that I think will probably be added to the blog in the near future when Pocket God 1 begins to slow down a lot more, and new Blot Creative projects (maybe Pocket God 2) begin. 

Hmm, fifth... now this was a very, very hard choice. Both options were such great ideas and both got high percentages, however, Malcom and I had to go with one, and only one FOR NOW. Coming in a close second place was "Pocket God-junkie of the week". This feature will probably make its way to The Pygmy Den in the near future, but for now, the new feature is "Our interpretation of the new icon"!

If you are wondering what this new feature is going to be like, its pretty simple, and pretty awesome! After the update comes out, Malcom and I are going to talk to each other and create a design of what we think the icon should look like based on what is in the update (sort of like Malcom's shark icon and eel icon from a while back). Then Malcom will draw and animate it, and we will post it on the blog shortly after the update has been approved!

If you have any ideas for polls, fan art, cool pictures, pictures of you, awesome videos, or any other Pocket God related things, e-mail them to!

Stay tuned for a new contest coming shortly to end Poll Week Madness and our brand new feature!


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