Sunday, February 21, 2010

2 Poll Results

(An awesome Space "Island" made by Oldskooler81)

Hey guys, Poll Week Madness is sadly coming to an end, but I have 2 more poll results right now and a new poll has already been added to the side of the blog. Within the next two days I will post the results to a poll we had a while back, and will announce the new feature in the same post! Shortly after, I will post another poll result, with a new contest to close Poll Week Madness (more like 2 Weeks Of Poll Madness :p). Anyway, here are the results to 2 more polls:

  • Should Malcom and I continue the Pygmy Adventure Series?

Yes, its ok --> 30%
No, I don't like it that much --> 26%
No, stop it now! --> 15%
Yes, it is the best post on the blog! --> 14%
Only until Prison Break is over, then stop --> 13%

Malcom and I have had so much controversy regarding the Pygmy Adventure Series, and still haven't really made up our minds 100% on what we should do with it. Since 44% want it to continue and 54% of you want it to stop now, Malcom and I are torn between the two possibilities. As of now, we will post the third and final part of Prison Break shortly (Date to be announced later), and then we will see if we will continue with a new story.

  • Should Malcom and I post a piece of fan art above every post?

Yes! --> 59%
No opinion. --> 27%
No! --> 10%
just post my fan art already! --> 3%

As you can see, Malcom and I have gone with the 59% of you who said yes, and are starting to post a piece of fan art above almost every post (the ones without pictures at least). For the 3% of you who haven't had their fan art posted, I promise it will be posted soon, but keep sending more in to

That's all for now, stay tuned for a new feature and new contest coming this week,



  1. for the adventure series...

    even if the majority want it to stop it does not mean everyone voted and even if evryone did it wont hurt those who dont like the series they just dont have to read the post

  2. that is not true it does effect people like me who check the blog hourly and dont like the adventure series because we get excited for cool stuff like spoilers contests and pictures but its not any of those so we have to wait longer for better stuff

    ~pocket lover

  3. Personally i really dont care either way with these stories.Personally i agree with pocket lover that we really dont need this. But i get there are some who like this and i kinda do too. Maybe you should end it but with a bang by first- making a great very thought out ending for prison break and than if there are still people who want more maybe make a contest for someone to make theyre own 2-part pocket god story and the winners story gets posted and well i dont know :P but i think that would be a great way to end it. Also, i think i have my own pg ideafor a contest like tht to end it.