Monday, February 1, 2010

Major News Update + "Spoiler"

*** Update: My idea for the update with help from a Pygmy Den-junkie***

I just got an e-mail from a fan of the Pygmy Den with his prediction of the update, and I think he may be spot on, or wayyyyy off...

His name is Gavin, and he said that he thinks that it will be like Doodle Jump, where you name your pygmies (doodler) different things to access different scenery and "easter eggs".

Playing off of Gavin's idea, I think it might be an underwater Doodle Jump-esque game and can only be accessed if you change your pygmies name to "bubbles" or something to do with water.

About the actual minigame, maybe if you get the pygmy high enough in the sky, when he falls he'll fall through an island and create a geyser that floods the screen, or maybe just goes down to a new underwater location.

Or maybe, there will just be a ship flooding underwater, and the pygmy has to Ooga Jump his way out (that would be awesome)!!!


Hey guys, Dave just announced (minutes ago) what the new update would contain (roughly), and how iot might influence the Pocket God game completely.

Here is his direct quote (do not read ahed if you do not want to be "spoilerified" (I know the word is spoiled but I like this more ;) ). He is speaking about what the next update will contain:

"its a new mini game with a new underwater location. and a new feature that everyone will like. it's a unique feature to the game. building off the way you can name pygmies."

My guess is as good as yours because we beta testers have not received any news or builds on the update yet, so we are completely in the dark!

...A new mini-game, hmmmm.

  • Rolando?
  • Minigore?
  • Lost-themed?
  • Impossible Quiz?
  • The Creeps?
Your guess is as good as mine. Comment below with your predictions and ideas, and I'll keep you updated on the beta tester news, and the public's news.

P.S. The updated Pocket God World can be found in the post below this!



  1. maybe its hook champ or zombieville that would be really sick

  2. LOST THEMED HA!!! That cracked me up. I love that show so much. Im probably one of the biggest fans. Did you just put that in the post because the premier is tonight or is that a real possibility

  3. i think it lets you choose what the pygmies look like and there voice and they will have a sims like language

    ~cameron bess or pocket lover