Wednesday, February 17, 2010

3 Poll Results

(By pygkid104)

Hey guys, since its "POLL WEEK MADNESS," I have the results for 3 more polls, and 2 new polls are gonna be posted on the blog when the 2 current ones end! Without further ado, here are 3 more poll results, with a little news about the new update at the end ;). Take a look:

  • Which blog design do you like better?

The Original --> 24%
Neither, please change it --> 17%
The Christmas one --> 15%
Both Equally :) --> 13%
Change it to ______ (Leave comment UNDER A POST) --> 5%

Well, because 32% of you guys preferred another blog design to this current one, Malcom and I will be switching the blog design during all major (world-wide) holidays, then back to the original once the holidays are over, for you 24% who prefer the original ;). Also, for those who chose the "Leave a comment option", no one actually left a comment under a post, so I have nothing new to share about that, but for future posts, leave comments and I'll feature them in the results post.

  • Which "island" is your favorite?

Ice Island - The most desired --> 54%
Pygmy Graveyard - Zombies, ghosts, and spiders, oh my --> 19%
Octopus (Oog) Island - I'm a loyalist --> 12%
Underwater - Who doesn't love sharks with lasers --> 7%
Dino Island - I love my Dinos --> 6%

I wasn't very surprised when I saw these results, because personally I love the Ice Island too, and think it is the best and most interactive of them all. But ***SPOILER ALERT*** the underwater location is gonna be a lot of people's new favorite with its new mini-game, and special something people have been asking for for a while ;). *** I guess I'll have to post this poll again after the update...

  • What is your favorite Pocket God trilogy of updates?

The Ice "trilogy" --> 51%
The Graveyard trilogy --> 29%
The Dino trilogy --> 13%
These were all my least favorite updates --> 5%

Once again the Ice Island dominates the polls with 51%, and not surprising only 5% of people didn't like the trilogies at all.

***For another spoiler go to the Pocket God leaderboards for sacrifices (etc...) on Open Feint, and scroll all the way down to episode 1.30 for a sneak peak at a new sacrifice in the new update!

Stay tuned for poll result week, with a new contest and new feature coming!



  1. awesome cant wait hey also i think were at like post #183 just sayin we're close to the 200th superduper extravaganza but tis is great since more poll results to come, a new contest, i dont think the glitches for the new update is out, theres still the end of prison break maybe more fan art or cool pictures and maybe some spoilers and that would be awesome :D i dnt know not my blog but pretty excited so cant wait for countdown

  2. Good job malomjudd for making it on the leaderbored fo being spiked down the pain drain?

    -pocket lover

  3. Hey, i heard glitches for great job ice hole is cominbg soon i know this might not be the place to say it since im not rly great with the email for now at least. Well, i know one if u didnt know alredy and i dont know if this was still here before but if you go to the map screen then go to egg island then goback to map screen and go to the pygmy graveyard for a brief second you can see the top of a pygmys head sticking out of the ground but it doesnt work with first island to pygmy graveyard or ice island just egg island to pygmy graveyard at least i think.. oh well cant wait for alll dis new stuff sorry for bad spelling by the way in a rush

  4. i'm so excited for tomorrow its almost the end of poll week madness and then the large announcement.

    ~pocket lover or cameron bess