Monday, February 15, 2010

3 Poll Results

Hey guys, this week is going to be poll result madness and at the end of it all, I will announce our new feature on the blog, while also submitting a glitch post, and a "what's it like being a beta tester" post! I thought it would be cool to post some poll results from old polls to see if we predicted what Pocket God would be like in the future as well. So without further ado here are 3 polls I have the results for:

  • What is the next DLC?

1st Place: Your Mom :p 25%
2nd Place: Monsters 22%
3rd Place: Holiday Theme 17%
4th Place: Naming The Creatures 8%
5th Place: Sharks/Fish 7%
6th Place: Statues/Islands 6%
7th Place: Spider 5%
8th Place: Other... 4%
9th Place: Dodo-Bird 1%
10th Place: Doodle-Guy 1%
11th Place: Volcano 0%
12th (Last) Place: Meteor/Coconuts 0%

These results were pretty scattered, which I thought was interesting, but the 17% who guessed "Holiday Themed" were right because this poll took place before the Christmas DLC when The Pyg Chill update came out. ... And no, my Mom wasn't the new DLC thank you...

  • What should the next update contain after The Pyg Chill?

1st Place: The second part of the Ice Trilogy 55%
2nd Place: A huge anniversary update 25%
3rd Place: Pocket God.2. instead 12%
4th Place: A DLC pack for the anniversary 12%
5th (Last) Place: I don't want to know 1%

Well, 55% of you were right that the next update, Great Job Ice-Hole would be next, but the 37% wanting something to do with the anniversary of Pocket God were a little off, but I would've liked something for the anniversary also ;).

  • How often do you check the blog?

1st Place: Every Day 53%
2nd Place: Every week or so 13%
3rd Place: Hardly ever anymore :( 11%
4th Place: EVERY SECOND 6%
5th Place: Every hour or so 6%
6th Place: Once in a blue moon 5%
7th Place: Every month or so 3%
8th (Last) Place: Whenever I get a notification 0%

I was very happy when I saw that almost 60% of you guys check the blog daily or more :D! But for those who check the blog every week or so, I found that really interesting and cool... I was wondering how you read the posts then, because you would get roughly 5 posts a week on this blog, so do you read them all at once or just the ones you like? Comment below if you are one of the people who check every week or so.

P.S. The "trouble-making" piece above was created by gavinrotty, great job!

Stay tuned for 3 more poll results coming later this week with new polls!

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  1. Where are the glitches for this update of Pocket God?