Saturday, March 20, 2010

What Would You Do If You Controlled Pocket God...

This awesome picture is by Cameron Bess, and it features the all-know superhero pygmy Wolverine!

Hey guys, check out some of the ideas that fans have come up with! Some of them are really awesome and original, take a look:


I had a suggestion about a genie a bit back, inside temple-ish pyramid which had a river(like the nile river - crocodile?) The idea was that there is a genie lamp, if you smash it against a pygmy it shatters and the pygmy falls into the river(a new lamp falling from the sky of course). But if you gently set it down and a pygmy picks it up, he will rub it and get sucked into the lamp. The lamp now glows purple, and if you put it by another pygmy he will rub it and the pygmy will come out a genie(purple pygmy with floating ghost tail - tail is always connected by a strand of it to the opening of the lamp). Now the other pygmies will start with their wish bubbles but way more often(and with more stuff - needing the outhouse, needing a cooked fish, etc.) Think of every idle being a new wish when the genie's out. The genie will grant each wish, but the wishes may or may not be good - ex. the pygmy wishes for a fish, he might get one, or he could get a burnt one and choke - ex. the pygmy wants the bathroom, he might get to go to the bathroom, or the outhouse could drop on his head and crush him, falling into the river. To get rid of the genie, smash his lamp on a pygmy and he will poof into a cloud of purple smoke and turn normal again.

Martin JF:

They should add a moveable cload. A small cload you can move around, and if you poke it, it starts to rain. But: if it is hot (sun is big) the pygmies will go to the cload to cool down so they don't explode. If the sun is small, it will start to snow from the small cload instead. Then, we could do stuff with the snow, like burying pygmies with it.


Desert Island:

  • Scorpions to give you a nasty bite
  • A cactus to poke pygmies with
  • A cave with sharp rocks
  • Sandstorms
  • Scorching hot sun
  • An oasis to tease your pygmies


Outer space:

  • A floating island 
  • A alien tree
  • An alien in a UFO to zap and "steal" pygmies
  • Meteor showers and cold weather

If you have any cool ideas, e-mail them to me with a picture, to, and I'll feature them here.



  1. Thank You for showing my work
    it actually makes my day to see those in a post

    yes its not to a huge audience but I still enjoy it

  2. Man all those ideas rock. and great job with artwork and list of things on the islands oldskooler81. I especially liked the alien island. One reason being i've been waiting for an awesome easter egg to cause a meteor shower on meh pygmies, and also.... ALIENS!

  3. hey, i know i only did it once and you're probably busy, but what if i made more polls for the blog, i don't know. i already got another idea for one. If you say no that's fine. Making a poll i originally wanted is great enough! :D