Thursday, March 18, 2010

Small News Tidbit

Hey guys, as you may have already known for a while, the newest Pocket God update is out, and its AWESOME.

I'm not the Dual Review writer here at the blog, so I'll just provide a few links for you guys, because at the moment i am very preoccupied with some huge changes coming to this blog!

We beta testers gave already gotten the new build for the next update, but there is nothing really new yet, just a few tweaks here and there, and a lot of glitch fixes.

I would sincerely like to appologize, however, for not being able to post last update's glitches, but I will post some new beta tester posts, and some other special offerings ;).

As of now, enjoy this awesome update, and share your stories with me (by video) at (were back to the old e-mail).

Sorry, for the small news update but for more news on this update and spoilers for the next...

>>> Click Here <<<

P.S. Thanks to dragonvarsity for the awesome poll idea (the new poll is located on the right side of the blog, enjoy!)

Enjoy, and I'll be reporting with some big news shortly,



  1. your welcome! :D

  2. omg! Pocket god (one of my favorite games for iphone) gets part of its idea for this update from my all time favorite game of all time (little big planet!) its about time :) now we just need sackboy to be able to dress like a pygmy :D