Sunday, March 7, 2010

Cool Pictures (Unlucky Pygmies)

Hey guys, check out some more awesome, cool pictures! Take a look:





Soo... hungry... can't... reach... my... coconut

Part 41, Exploring The Unknown will feature:

~Beef Stew~ (By rastamonkey)
Surfing Pickle (By rastamonkey)
It's a bird, its a plane, its...
Totem Pole (By rastmonkey)

If you have any cool pictures, e-mail them to me at



  1. yay thanks for posting a new post and removing that accidental double post been checking every day for a new post thanks again :D

  2. i agree with Dragonvarsity

    ~pocket lover

  3. Is it just me or do i think they're kinda pushing it with the cool pictures. I mean i love the categorie, believe me, i've tried posting my own but im not good with the internet. Well i'll try cause my first attempt with this cool picture with a shark touching the ground i thought i gave the title which was like it was kissing it but they were confused. Anyway, I just think they could give a little more of other stuff like fan art and the end of prison break and maybe the 200th episode!!! :D sorry like every post i talk about this i just hope we didn't or don't pass this :( the 100th rocked but if the second doesn't thats ok but i'd like to hear in a post cause if you are doing it it's like time for a countdown at least

  4. did i say episode i meant post :S

  5. We have posted 187 so far, the countdown doesn't begin until 195. Its gonna be a good post, but the 100th is incredibly special, along with 500, and 1000, 200 is kind of like a 60,000 view post, or 70,000 view post, not a 50,000 or 100,000 view post (that will be a HUGE post!)

    Sorry if that was confusing

    Still, its worth the wait ;)

  6. aa thanks for the info sorry for all these comments i just wanted to know thanks again for telling man that mustve been annoying with all those comments of mine saying whens the 200th post? :S sorry

  7. did you see the update was submitted go to for more news

    ~pocket lover

  8. Oh awesome thanks a lot this update sounds awesome I can't believe the editor will be free and so much more :D