Sunday, April 11, 2010

Cool Pictures (A Pygmy's Icy Adventure)

Hey guys, sorry for the delay, I'm just working out a few problems in the new update, and also Malcom has returned and will explain everything in his upcoming post. Also, don't think we forgot about the new teaser image for Bolt Creative's new game, or the fact that Bolt is making a special $2.99 version of Pocket God for the Ipad. Lastly, these upcoming weeks are going to be awesome and filled with glitch guides, beta posts, Dual Reviews, Theories, the 200th post, an updated Pocket God World, and loads of cool pictures and polls! So stay tuned, and sorry for the delay. Malcom's "Im back" post will be posted shortly, but for now, take a look at some awesome, cool pictures:

This looks like a nice place to sit... XD!

Missed me... Oh wait...

Talking about Global Warming:


Stop it! Just stop it!

Part 45, Them Famous Pygmies will feature:

Now that's gotta hurt
Chicken...Coconut, which one???
Peace yo :|
Now that just looks awesome!
After (((Bonus!)))

If you have any cool pictures, e-mail them to me at



  1. Did you hear about sneak peak for new update? sorry havnt commented much lately not much to talk about except that

  2. Not to be mean but it's kinda been 11 days since the last post... not saying i wanna see another cool picture post especially since we've had 3 in a row

  3. * starts whistling to pass the time * :P